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About ChocoMuseo

ChocoMuseo is a project with two heads:

Mitchell Bodian, entrepreneur, owner of the Hotel Spa Granada &
Mitchell Bodian

Alain Schneider, traveler entrepreneur, designer of ChocoMuseo and first manager of Hotel Spa Granada.

In this museum, we wanted to teach to a lot of people, fond of chocolate, were the chocolate really comes from: The cacao tree, Central America and Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the land of the lakes and the volcans but it is also a country were one of the best cacao is grown. The trees planted are native trees and the type of beans is a mix between Criollo and Forastero.

After 1 year in Nicaragua: Helping the school of comedy and mime, opening the Hotel Spa Granada and the ChocoMuseo (my little baby!) it is time for me to go back on the road and travel through South America with Clara Isabel Dias. If you want to follow our trip, have any nice project for us (see the ones we already realized) please contact us: alaschneid@hotmail.com